The PNW via random phone pictures

Took a trip to see the Toy Soldier/Poor Boyz premiere in Portland and visit my sister in Tacoma. Car travel is fun, but I thought I’d try to pull it off without using my own, so I took Amtrak down, Bolt Bus to Seattle, and rode home with some friends headed to a party.

List of important things with Amtrak travel:
Number one: buy your ticket. Number two: check to see how late the train will be. In my case, two and half hours. Number three: purchase things to eat, because the dining car doesn’t have much that I’d consider edible, and it’s all expensive.  When I hit the grocery store, I found this bizarre combination of chocolate that they’re touting as a breakfast cereal.

Judging by the sale price, lots of other folks are confused about why it’s in the middle of the cereal isle. Thus, I bought some to test it out, and while it does taste better than milk, it’s probably similar to opening a box of unwrapped miniature candy bars.

Fast forward through the train, premieres, breakfasts, and all that.

This is the Bolt Bus. It cost $15 to go from Portland to Seattle in three hours with (slow) Wifi. It’s operated by Greyhound, and though primarily east coast, they’re starting up with this run. Hope it continues to grow, as one from Missoula to Seattle would be wonderful.

You wind up on the edge of chinatown in Seattle. If I were to estimate, there’s only about twelve thousand bus stops within a two block radius of King St Station, so it only took me  about forty five minutes to find the right one for the 594 to Tacoma.

Seattle Bouldering Project. The sis and I made the trip up one night. Lots of fun, lots of people, and easily the slipperyest indoor climbing holds in existence.

Foss Field at PLU. Site of much late night frisbee during my college years, it’s now growing nostalgia by the bushel.

After pulling into Spokane and catching up with some friends, I met up with the Toy Soldier crew downtown. Evidently, we were up to the dress code. And though I’m not sure about the correlation, I think that the dj’s glow in the dark Oakleys definitely made him whomp the whomp a bit harder.

Breakfast the next morning at Wolfy’s. Though I’ve ordered a great many breakfast scrambles, these folks seemed to understand the title as the true verb that it is: you mix everything, and I mean everything, together. Haven’t found that elsewhere. Delicious.

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