First snow, part two

Maybe it’s incorrect terminology to continue this first snow series, but truth be told, all the skiing that’s happened so far has been of the survival variety. So until it’s truly worthy (as in at least 6″ deep and 500 ft of vertical), I’ll keep calling it first snow.

Today, I took a quick trip up to the remaining ice chunk of last season’s snow in Jewel Basin to try out my Dynafits and scratch the general itch to slide down something. The walk in was windy, cold, and had snow on the trail. At the old snow, I traded hiking for touring boots, threw my skins on, and started clacking around.

Going from downhill boots and Dukes to touring boots and Dynafits feels like one of those insane diet claims from the women’s magazines at grocery store checkouts came true: “Lose ten pounds overnight!” Between the walk mode, light weight, and incredible attention to design throughout the whole system, it makes walking with skis on seem pretty close to just walking around. Easy. Simple. None of the trudge that happens with heavier setups; it’s fair to say that I’m a complete convert. Can’t wait to get out and do some big vertical days with this setup.

The ice chunk had perhaps 3″ of new snow on it that was actively melting because, of course, it was raining. I managed to bang out a few turns before eating sandwiches and walking back out in the drizzle and wind.

Note: the pit toilet in the parking lot is currently lacking in shit tickets. I used bits of a hiking guide I got at a ranger station in Glacier, a left most of it for the next folks, but newsprint isn’t exactly double Quilted Northern.

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