Photobombing the Apgar Lookout webcam

Glacier Park maintains a few web cams so that people can see how bad the weather is at the spot they’re considering for a hike. One of the more out of the way ones is located on Apgar Lookout above the foot of Lake McDonald.

Yesterday, a friend and I tromped through snow that got knee deep at the top to go check it out. While up there, we used the cell service to alert another friend (who has a job) to check us out while we stood in front of the webcam. For ten minutes, I was waving at anybody who was looking to see what was going on up there.

One thought on “Photobombing the Apgar Lookout webcam

  1. Haha – Not a waste of your time – I often peruse the park webcams to see who has made the effort to pose in front of the cameras in bad weather.

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