Hitting cleanup on Big Mountain

Evidently, the weather picked the weekend I went to Great Divide to hit rails (forthcoming article about that in HAKAS) to really dump at home. Friends reported fifteen inches piling up on the case of PBR on their mountain balcony, so I’d imagine there was at least two feet at the summit.

And of course, part of the skier in me really wants to believe that this snow will stick around for a while. That part is chided by the other, wiser aspect that’s been living in Montana and recognizes that teases like this are just a part of early season here. So by the time we got around to skinning up yesterday, lots of the snowpack had been rained down into grassy, rock filled goo.

Ryan nearing the top of Big Ravine with moisture on the lens:

In a moment of inspiration, I got a Titanic in at the summit house:

Going up wasn’t quite as hard boney as the Shark episode, and it didn’t start raining until we dropped in. The audio from my Gopro was all time, so I’ll mix some direct quotes in with the skiing shots.

“Woooooooooooo….. I love it!”

“freaking on that booty…”
“Oh, hey there. Hi tree.”

“You know, if the snow was better, it’d be faster, and that’d be scary.”

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