“Stupid is as stupid skis, sir.”

Thanks to Forrest Gump for the quote to mangle for an alliterative title. Whew.

Early season is just that: stupid. Ample evidence that skiers are nothing compared to their addictive influences towards snow and sliding down hills. What else would prompt us to ski in such little snow or skin up with a real chance of having to walk back down?

Note the low levels of pow and utter lack of base on Big Mountain on Tuesday.

We exhibited the deranged looks generally worn by the habitual and significant abusers of ptex:

Craig and Elliot gain the summit amid great fanfare.

Then Craig skinned up some crevasses into a natural wind shelter.

We hung out for a bit, bombed the webcam, and took great delight in the foot and a half of snow drifted on the deck. However, the Anthill held about a fifth of that fluffly light stuff, and as such I walked down most of it. The turns from where Momentum takes off until Moose takes off were the best of the day, courtesy of some old base that made the rocks less frequent.

Past Trapper Trail, it got scary. In a momentary lapse of joy, I aired off a water bar, and upon landing the rocks reminded me that it’s really not intelligent to do that kind of thing right now.

The rest of the way out made for some good choices:
A. Turn, and hit rocks
B. Straightline, jump over water bars, and hope that you don’t catch a shark at speed
C. Walk down

I tried all three, with B taking honors for Most Stupid. However, Craig did manage to twist his knee with C, so maybe the whole venture was a doomed reminder of why skiing is more fun when there’s more snow.

As with most addicts, the consequences of our behavior don’t really have much bearing on whether we continue. The sooner it really starts snowing, the better.

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