“And that’s what happens when you get a job”, but without chronology

Whoa. It’s been a month. Definitely time to fill that in.

Here’s a few photos from an early November trip to Utah. I headed down there for a long weekend with my dad, took the car further south to SLC, and got to shred Guardsman’s and the Alta BC with the legendary Karl Fostvedt and Cam Sessions.
Their house toaster:

Evidently, it’s a fire hazard. Here’s my dad’s Ford before we drove it back up to Guardsman’s to avoid it being stuck back there for the winter.

Cam works at a pizza place. I went over there, then Karl showed up. It’s safe to say he was hungry.

Pictures from the Alta day:
We ran into blonde-haired-wunderkind Luke Perin in the parking lot. He didn’t have a skinning setup, or a pair of ON3Ps, but he was out to have a good time. Team picture:

Little Cottonwood absorbed 44″ of snow in 48 hours. That lead to this, after skinning:

Which lead to this:

Which lead to this:

It didn’t move much, and I didn’t even notice until Karl yelled when I was way down in the flats. Ripped all the way to the 5″ of nasty base/ice/grass/whaleshark-rocks underneath all the pow we were snorkeling through. But still, it’s a good reminder to be careful. And another reason why Utah can be fun in short doses, but not someplace I want to live.

After getting home, I went to Lost Trail for a day with Bobby Jahrig, Jake Fagrelious, Ian Hamilton and Dillon Jenkins. We did some skinning in the foot and a half of pow:

And then I switched boots and hit the jump they’d built off the deck:

Lots of fun there. Oh yeah, that was right before Thanksgiving. Always nice to remember the cronology.

Individual days of skinning Big Mtn over the rocks lost their appeal on the second post I made about it, but here’s a bunch of gopro screenshots of my Viciks from the various skinning missions between mid-November and when the lifts spun on Dec. 8th.

Rudolph hooked it up with some sunshine, so I toasted him.

Stueben came with me one day, then got manly at the summit house in winds that would have surely frozen my nipples off.

One day, we went skinning, and when I got to the parking lot, one of my tires was deflating. When we got back, the other front tire was flat. Meaning that I had two flat front tires. And I will say this: I laughed at them both, such was the awesomeness of our ski day. Then I called USAA and they sent a tow truck for only $12. $260 worth of tires later, I was back on the road.

And then, just as I was about to sell my Pillowfights (which I did anyway), I started work at Great Northern Powder Guides. A few things I’ve done in preparation for the cat skiing season:
-Painted an outhouse.
-Put in linoleum.
-Been a table saw.
-Pretended to be a carpenter.
-Ground metal.
-Sat in snowcats.
-Swept the floor many times.
-Put chains on trucks.

Here, we have the fleet in various stages of readiness. They’re more ready now.

In order to have a shorter drive to GNPG and my freestyle coaching job at Big Mtn, I moved to Whitefish. Here are my roommates. They do skiing too, and we have a lot of fun:

Our ragtag band might or might not be called the Scrounge Terrorists. More to come on that. I’m planning a post about the evidence that indicates that I live in a ski house. But Whitefish is pretty. I can walk anywhere I need, take the SNOW bus to the hill, and carpool to work.

And oh yeah: the lifts spun on Dec. 8th.

I’ve been skiing up there a lot. Scrounge Terrorism activities have also included these nice shots from the slackcountry. Current forecasts call for several more weeks of alder bashing before the terrain anchors disappear and the snowpack gets scarier.

This is right before I one-skied for a while at high speed in an avie chute. The thought running through my head: oh-gawd-don’t-don’t-don’t-fall-ah-oh-ok

Oh, and somewhere in all that I got my first pile of stuff from Mountain Equipment. They’re a UK based outerwear manufacturer that’s been at it for over 50 years. They use things like fleece and Goretex, and somebody decided that I’m a good person to put their fleece and Goretex things on. So thanks to Woody Dixon for deciding that. I told him that I like red, and red is what I got. Thanks man!

Alright. Those are the high points. I swear by the hoarfrost the keeps covering my beard that I’ll stay more up to date.

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