Mixed Montana

First, sorry about the delay. This fossil of a computer no longer does uploading to my photo host, so I had to go around that. Now, onto your scheduled programming.

At any time of year, Montana weather is schizophrenic. Snowing sideways, upwards, down, and through. Winds blowing in opposite directions hourly. And every once in a while, there’s a giant ball of fire in a blue sky, which usually leads folks to scratch their sunburning heads and wonder what exactly it is up there.

This spring has been no exception. The El Niño trend has created a more solid snowline than in years past, with the valleys brown and dry and fresh snow up high. We’ll get an inch in town, and it will be gone and raining by 2pm.

A few weeks back, I met up with Big Dave from Whitefish Mountain Resort and Craig Moore of GlacierWorld photography. We grabbed an early chair and proceeded to shred some pow and get a few cool snaps in the process.

Once it the snow had turned to goo, I headed down the hill and off to climb with Ryon and Taylor. We went out west of Kalispell to Kila and got two routes done before the rock got too cold.

Really stoked on my Fitzroy jacket from Mountain Equipment. Pow in the morning and belays in the afternoon and I was the only one who didn’t get cold. Thanks to Taylor and Ryon for the climbing photos.

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