We’re back!

Hello again, internet. Nice to see you all here again.

First of all, I’m stoked to report that Grant and I made it safely off Denali. On June 1st, we skied from the summit at about 8:00pm down the West Buttress route. Expect the Denali doing series of posts on our trip to start soon. For now, here’s our summit shot.

A week ago, we flew off the Kahiltna on one of the two last planes before the fog set in. Some Talkeetna feasting followed, and the next day Grant bumped his flight up and  headed for Seattle. I spent a little time around Anchorage with my buddy Landis (check out his amazing medium format photoblog here) and then came south to see family in Homer. We’ve been up to some adventures, have a few more planned, and I fly back to Seattle in the wee hours of the 17th.

My cousin with a near-dead Bering Wolffish we found on the south side of Kachemak Bay.

Yours truly with a brittle star.

More gorgeous mountains and water and trees and stuff.

Earlier this evening, I realized I haven’t slept in a proper bed in almost two months. I’ve got mosquito bites from being under the stars. The one tshirt and pants I brought (assuming I wouldn’t be hanging around) finally got washed today. Pretty sure that I smell. And in a serious Alaskan faux pas, I left my Xtra Tuffs in Washington. So I’m ready to be home.

I’ve seen some amazing natural things on this trip. Immense, unnamed glaciers. Twenty-five foot tides. Mt. Foraker in alpenglow above a bed of clouds. But most of all, I’m supremely grateful for all the friends and family that have helped out. Getting to summit Denali was incredible, and the folks that helped with gear, gave me a place to sleep, fed me, or shared a laugh are the reason that I could make it up there. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for cheering us on. Thanks for believing. Thanks for caring. Cant’t wait to tell you all the stories.

And if you made it this far, here’s a little token. Taken from 7,800ft camp.

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